The World War II German Flag

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The ww ii German flag is a black, red, and gold tricolor. This design dates back to the emperors of the medieval period, and later became the official flag of Germany when it regained its sovereignty following World War I. The black, red, and gold colors symbolize the three German kingdoms that ruled in Germany before its division into East and West.

The German flag was also adapted as the naval ensign. This version of the German flag was introduced in 1933, and used by all occupied territories under Germany’s control. It was abolished in 1935 to try and prevent it being used by reactionary groups.

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Another variant of the German flag was the Command Flag of the Minister of Defense, and used from 1933 to 1935. The SS Himmler’s personal standard was shown on this flag. It was a cloth flag, and was carried fixed to a pole by a soldier accompanying Himmler at rallies and political events. It was seen as being a very powerful symbol, and gave the impression that Himmler was the commander of all German forces.

This ww ii german flag was used by the SS Heimwehr Danzig (Home Defense of Danzig) Battalion. It was a unit that existed only until the invasion of Poland in 1939, and then merged into the 3rd SS Division Totenkopf. This large Nazi flag measures 48 x 53, and features a sewn on black-on-white swastika on a bright red field with seven aluminum rings sewn along the hoist, and ‘Marktredwitz 4’ patches added. The white area surrounding the swastika has been signed on both sides by over 70 American servicemen, most with their hometowns added as well.

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