School Vape Detectors by Zeptive

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In addition to reducing the harmful health effects of nicotine vaping and cannabis or THC vaping, school vape detectors can mitigate odor and 2nd hand smoke as well as foster a more focused and healthy learning environment for students and staff. As a result, schools rely on vapor detection sensors to support their policies on student tobacco and vape use and compliance with local and state law.

While some districts have found that their school vape detectors are effective, many other districts are not seeing the desired results. This may be due to the fact that vaping implements are very hard for district administrators to see, especially since some devices look like pens and can be easily concealed. Additionally, some students may find ways around the school’s vaping detectors by exhaling into the toilet or flushing, into their sleeves, and even into a bag.

School Vape Detectors: Safeguarding Students and Promoting Healthier Environments

Regardless of the reason for the lack of effectiveness, it is clear that schools need to take additional action to address the escalating vaping epidemic. To this end, some schools are opting to install school vape detectors in their bathrooms and locker rooms. For example, Lincoln East High School in Nebraska recently started using a new sensor that is designed to identify different vapors including nicotine, THC and delta-9.

The school vape detectors by Zeptive are customizable and can be tailored to the specific area of a school to optimize performance. The sensor settings can be modified to avoid false positives while ensuring the system can identify the chemicals and particles associated with popular brands of electronic cigarettes such as Juul, Vuse and Puff Bar. The sensors can be integrated with the school’s video surveillance system so that when a notification is received, students can be identified and confronted. Notifications can be sent through a mobile app, email or text message.

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