Liondesk Review: Why Real Estate Agents Should Use a Liondesk Phone System

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In case you are unaware, liondesk CRM software solution is built by NetSuite and the makers of Confide and Lotus Notes. The Liondesk Review will present the reader with the pros and cons of using this CRM solution in an effort to assist you in making an informed decision on whether or not to purchase the product for yourself. I have personally managed teams of mobile app and digital marketing professionals that utilize Liondesk extensively and have found that it is one of the most beneficial CRM integration solutions available today. The reason for this is primarily two-fold:

The Liondesk Review – What Can You Learn From This Luxury Real Estate Marketing Software?

First, Liondesk is one of the few CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems that integrates SMS texting within its core function. When used in conjunction with its mobile app and integration capabilities, CRM solutions like Liondesk allows sales representatives to track customer activity, follow up, and build relationships with clients through both text messaging and phone calls. As a result, agents are able to provide more personalized service to their clients and this builds strong customer loyalty. The second reason why I find this product so advantageous is the integration ability it provides to its users. Many of the other leading CRM solutions do not allow their users to integrate the liondesk phone platform with their existing systems.

In many cases, an all-in-one CRM system must be purchased in addition to its separate components, such as the application, the mobile apps, and the integration solutions. This can be extremely costly for real estate agents and puts a strain on their business budget. The liondesk solution however, is designed to work in tandem with these other applications and is especially useful because it allows for automatic synchronization between all of the aforementioned components. Additionally, this CRM integration solution also offers all-in-one solutions for all of your agents, regardless of their location or experience level. For example, if one of your mobile agents is based in, say, Los Angeles but specializes in sales in Chicago, all that he has to do is install the liondesk on his laptop and immediately begin managing his leads from his own office. No need to purchase additional CRM software or integrate additional components onto his home computer.

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