Garden Fountains – Water Trickling Into Your Garden Landscape Design

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garden fountains

One of the most common sights in cities across America is the garden fountain. From the Greek word “fon,” meaning stream, a fountain, in the English language, is a movable structure that sprays water into a basin for providing both drinking and bathing water. It’s also sometimes a free-standing structure that likewise jets water upwards into the sky for a more dramatic or decorative effect. They can be found in almost any locale from college campuses to country clubs, small towns, and big cities. A garden fountain is almost always an item that’s free to obtain and install, although there are certainly fountains that may cost thousands of dollars to buy or have installed.

How to Choose Garden Fountains

Garden fountains may also be utilized as a natural water source for the landscape design of the home itself. Many homeowners use such backyard features for running their own version of a rain shower, which would provide a soothing sound with running water or create a small waterfall effect for relaxing in. The type of garden fountains that you decide on will depend largely on the overall look and feel you’d like to achieve within your yard or garden. You could choose to have a free-standing fountain, in a wide array of sizes, or perhaps one that’s much smaller and placed against a wall or fence.

There are garden fountains in all shapes, sizes, and designs, and so they’re definitely not limited to being just one type or another. Some use running water, some have a waterfall feature, and others are trickling waterfalls that mimic streams or rivers. If you’re looking to install a water feature, there are certainly a lot out there to choose from, whether you opt for the garden fountains of Greek or Victorian designs, or whether you’re looking to find something a bit more modern and abstract. No matter what type of fountain you decide on, you’ll be providing a soothing and beautiful addition to your yard or garden landscape design that many homeowners and gardeners enjoy.

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