Best Investment Apps For Beginners

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Investing is a great way to grow your money over the long term. However, investing in the stock market can be intimidating for beginners. Luckily, there are investment apps that can help. These online platforms offer a range of investments, low fees and simple interfaces. Some even provide advice and guidance for investors.

This article focuses on the best investment apps uk for beginners, covering both robo-advisers and self-managed trading apps. Some of the top choices include eToro, Wealthify and Trading 212. eToro is one of the best options for beginners since it offers a comprehensive selection of investments and offers a variety of educational materials and a friendly user experience. The app also provides a number of other benefits, including no commission trading on UK and international markets.

Start Smart: Best Investment Apps for Beginners in the UK

Another option is a robo-adviser, such as InvestEngine or Moneyfarm. Both of these robo-advisers offer a diverse selection of ETFs and offer low fees and an intuitive interface. They are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), providing an extra layer of protection and security for users.

Finally, self-managed trading apps are a great option for beginners as they allow users to customize their portfolios and choose specific investments. Some of these options are even free to use, such as Acorns. This user-friendly micro-investing app rounds up spare change from everyday purchases and invests it into a diversified ETF portfolio. This strategy reduces risk by smoothing out the ups and downs of the stock market over time.

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